Nude and Neutral Lipsticks- Peach/Coral

Series 1: Part 2

Hi Everyone! I am back with another post. It’s been a while since my last post and I know you all are waiting for me to quickly finish my series 1 on nude and neutral lipsticks.

Here we are on Part 2 and we are going to discuss about my collection of Peach/Coral nude and neutral lipsticks.

I started exploring corals just a year back and peaches just few months back only. So while looking at my vanity I really feel the need to expand more in this dimension of shades. I believe soon there will be Series 2 especially for peaches and corals 😀 I have really fallen in love with this spectrum 🙂

Now, let’s jump into details of the peach and coral lip shades that I currently have and my thoughts on them.

Peach/Coral Nude and Neutral Lipsticks:

Currently, I have 8 Lipsticks in this category and the list is as follows:

  1. Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lipstick- MB14 Maple Map
  2. Sugar It’s A-Pout Time Vivid Lipstick- 09 Better Call Salmon
  3. Maybelline New York City Heat- The Bricks Collection Lipstick- 04 Soho Nudes
  4. Maybelline New York Creamy Matte Lipstick- 656 Clay Crush
  5. Maybelline New York City Heat- The Bricks Collection Lipstick- 05 East Village Rose
  6. Wet N Wild Megalast Catsuit Matte Lipstick- E922B Coral Corruption
  7. Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick- 37 Hot Apricot
  8. Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick- 130 Self-Starter

Swatches in different lighting:


  • Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lipstick MB14 Maple Map– It’s a peach-brown nude shade. And it works as a perfect nude for me- it doesn’t wash me out at all. I stumbled upon this shade while looking for a substitute of Lakme 9 to 5 Red Chaos lip shade(However this one is not and I still haven’t found an absolute match. If you know one- please let me know.)As I mentioned earlier that I have recently started exploring Peach shade lipsticks, I felt this shade really gives me confidence to keep on expanding my peach lipstick collection. Coming back to this shade, I personally feel that this lipstick will flatter fair skin tones more. It will wash out dusky and deeper skin tones- however if you like the shade so much then you can definitely make it work with a deep lip-liner. This lipstick is not drying matte rather it’s a comfortable velvety-matte finish(which I really appreciate for nude and neutral lip shades).
  • Sugar It’s A-Pout Time Vivid Lipstick 09 Better Call Salmon– Well, this is the lipstick which actually made me start looking for more peach lip shades. And really it was love at first application :P. This lip shade is a beautiful pinkish peach and has a comfortable velvet-matte formula. If you are inspired by Hollywood/Bollywood kind of peach lip colors then trust me this one will proudly occupy a space in your vanity. I feel fair to medium skin tones can easily flaunt this lip shade. Dusky and Deeper skin tone beauties- if you are experimental and really want to go for a light pinkish peach color- you can happily give it a try 🙂
  • Maybelline New York City Heat The Bricks Collection Lipstick- 04 Soho Nudes– This one is yet another color I love. It’s a gorgeous peachy nude lip shade. And the formula is the same as Maybelline Creamy Matte range. Honestly I was not sure of this color and contemplated for almost 6 months before buying this. I had not found many reviews online and whatever I found- people had mixed thoughts for this one. For me, this was quite experimental. Now I really do not regret buying this one. It’s a perfect lip shade for the looks where you want to draw attention to your eyes or clothes. I wore this one with a black outfit and no other make-up- I really loved the way my eyes were highlighted and the color of my outfit stood more than the color of lipstick. This lipstick will suit fair, medium and dusky skin tones. However depending on skin tone, you might need to make it work.
  • Maybelline New York Creamy Matte Lipstick 656 Clay Crush– Well, this one is a tricky color. It’s a light peachy nude shade. It makes me look a little washed out. Since I have neutral undertones, I feel colors that don’t have strong undertones like this one make me look washed out a little bit. However I have seen this color on fair skin tone people having warm and cool undertones and this really looked good on them. I use this lipstick to mix with some other colors because of it’s neutral shade and creamy matte formula. And guys- this helps me in creating magic when mixed with with dark browns and deep mauves.
  • Maybelline New York City Heat- The Bricks Collection Lipstick 05 East Village Rose– Finally a universally flattering lip color. I have recommended this to many of my friends and they all love it. As you can see in the picture- it has so many shades mixed. Well to me it’s a coral-red-brown neutral shade. People with natural pink lips may find it slight pinkish as well. If you are looking for a little hint of coral in your everyday lipstick then give this a try. For fair to medium skin tones- it will be more of a neutral lip shade and for dusky to deeper skin tones- it will be a perfect nude. Again- I recommend this to people of all skin tones and undertones, you will just love this one.
  • Wet N Wild Megalast Catsuit Matte Lipstick E922B Coral Corruption– This one marks the beginning of my journey towards coral lip shades and Wet N Wild liquid lipstick collection. This one is a neutral coral shade and indeed very beautiful. When I first applied this, I was really not confident. Gradually I started loving this one- especially after wearing this to a party where I wore similar colored outfit and this lip shade just complemented the whole look perfectly. It’s a liquid matte lipstick and it sets perfectly. This lipstick will look more coral shade on fair skin tones and neutral coral for medium to dusky skin tones. It will wash out deeper skin tones, so if you really like this shade- my suggestion would be to wear it with a deep liner.
  • Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick 37 Hot Apricot– Although this one is described as peach nude on Sugar Cosmetics’ website, I don’t feel it’s nude. It’s more of a peachy pink neutral. And depending on skin tone- it will look different on different skin tones. For fair skinned people it will be more of peachy pink shade while for medium to dusky skin tones- it will be a beautiful neutral and for deeper skin tones more like a light peachy pink nude. I like this shade on me and feel that it will be good choice with smokey eye makeup. In picture, it might appear flat-out pink however that’s not the case in reality.
  • Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick 130 Self-Starter– This one is a beautiful, gorgeous and really flattering peachy coral shade. On me it looks quite neutral everyday lipstick. I believe same will be the case for all fair skinned people. Actually, I was looking for a neutral and not-so-in-the-face peachy coral lipstick and this absolutely fulfilled my criteria. I have also done a review on this in another article which you can check here. If you love peach/coral lipsticks and looking for a nude/neutral shade from the same family- I am sure you will rock this one, no matter which skin tone family you belong to. I have seen this one on deeper skinned beauties and it looks like a very flattering nude shade. I definitely recommend this to evryone.

Final Thoughts:

I really like and enjoy all the shades mentioned above. But still I have to choose something for you guys, so below are my Top 3 recommendations :

  1. Sugar Better Call Salmon
  2. Maybelline East Village Rose
  3. Maybelline Self-Starter

As usual, this tough decision is made on the basis of shade range and formula and also in consideration of varied skin tones we have in India.

This concludes our part 2 on Peach/Coral Nude and Neutrals and soon there will be a part 3 on Red/Brown spectrum. Do come back to check later. I am really looking forward to write the 3rd part since recently I have bought so many browns and I am really excited to share with you all.

Always looking forward to your thoughts and feedback. Do let me know by commenting below.

Goodbye till my next post! Happy Life!

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